We will Rise Up with a Perfect Vision in 2020.

Vision for America



Eaglenomics takes the best from the Left Wing and the Right Wing. 

For many decades the people of the United States have elected a President that was leaning heavily to the Left Wing or Right Wing. This basically means that half of our population has not been represented by a President that they agree with on the issues. Times have changed and Eaglenomics is the plan that all Americans can look to and find issues that can be identified with. This plan has structured solutions to restore Prosperity to our land by getting people from all walks of life to work together.

            The Plan

1) Work diligently to unite all Americans to act as one nation regardless of race, religion, or sexual orientation

2) Create Prosperity and Full Employment for all

3) Equal Justice for all

4) Develop Sustainable Energy Independence

5) Reverse International Trade from Deficit to Surplus

6) Restore and Advance US Manufacturing in all sectors

7) Revamp the US tax code

8) Restore Social Security to financial health

9) Structured Educational support for all Americans (Free College Tuition, Elimination of the $1.4 trillion in student loan debt, and Universal Childcare)

10) Eradicate the revenue deficit and the national debt

11) Fix National Healthcare

12) Strengthen our National Security

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